New Accruals Report Template (BETA RELEASE): for Clients

Please note this new feature is currently in Beta Release and is not available to all client users at present. Keep an eye on our Release Notes & Latest Updates page for future updates and reach out to your CSM for more information on availability.

Accruals Definition

An accruals report is a financial document used by a legal ops person to track and manage the expenses that have been incurred but not yet billed to a client. These expenses are known as accruals and they are recorded in the accruals report.

How can I access this report?

The Accruals Report Template is located on the 'Create Report' section of Brightflag's Report Builder.

  • Menu > Reports > Report Builder > Create Report

  • On the 'Create Report Template' screen, click on Accrual V2

  • From here, you can select the relevant fields to include in your report. Use the 'Find a Field' search bar to find a report field for your report. A list of Report Builder fields can be found here: Report Builder Fields Glossary


Is this new report available in the Reporting API?

No, this new report, while in Beta stage, is not yet available in the Reporting API

What currency does the Accruals Report show?

You can use this report to view the accrual amount in both the native currency (the currency submitted by the vendor) and the matter currency.

Note: The Accrual Amount field is calculated based on the exchange rate of the date the accrual was submitted.

Beta FAQ:

Will I still have access to the old Accruals Report during this Beta period?

Yes, you will still have access to all the old Accruals Reports while still being able to use this new report.

Will my old scheduled reports still work?

Yes, all old scheduled reports will still work.

How long will this Beta period last for?

Beta periods can last several months while our Product Team works through any issues before a general release. At this time, we have no date for general release.

How do I get access to this Beta report?

If you want access to this new Beta Accruals V2 Report, speak to your CSM to discuss your suitability. Important to note that taking part in a Beta release requires users to provide Brightflag with feedback regarding the usage & performance of this new features.


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