How to Submit New Timekeeper Rates or Bulk Update Existing Rates: For vendors

Please note: You can only submit timekeeper rates if you have a Vendor Admin or Office Admin role. See Who can submit Timekeeper Rates: For Vendors for more information.

Navigate to your timekeeper section in your menu:


  1. Click Bulk Submit.
  2. Click Download Excel Template.
  3. Populate the spreadsheet, adhering to the guidelines below. Example:
      • The Timekeeper ID is any identifier you would like. This is usually a numerical ID.
      • The Role can be any role name you choose. However, you must use the full word and your region's industry-standard naming convention.
      • The Rate should have '.' rather than ',' e.g. 1000.00, not 1000,00. However, if you enter the values the format of the template will adjust automatically.
      • The Currency should be the 3-letter ISO code (i.e. USD)
      • The Effective Date must be in the format yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy. You may need to highlight the column and update format to use "Date" instead of "General": 
      • The Years of Experience should be a numeric value. Your customer may or may not require this column. The column header will show "Years of Experience (Required)" if so.
      • The cell format must not change, so if you copy and paste values from your spreadsheet into the template, be sure to paste values only.
      • You should see a 'duplicates detected' message, and the duplicates will remain unchanged. Any TK rates that are not duplicates will be uploaded/updated, and an information bar will confirm that action.
      • Only UTF-8 encoding is supported for special and non-English characters and diacritics (accents) within Timekeeper names, so please make sure your spreadsheet software is configured as such.


  • For existing timekeepers, any changes made to any timekeeper ID will result in a new (duplicate) timekeeper rate being submitted to the client for approval. This may cause any invoices submitted using that timekeeper to be rejected because the system cannot verify the correct timekeeper.

      4. Click Choose File and Open.

      5. Click Submit to confirm the submission. This will submit a new request to your client for their review.

Below are guides for messages you may see and how to proceed: 

     6. Your timekeeper rates will appear as Pending, meaning the requests have gone through to your client for approval. Once they approve or reject, the status will be updated to reflect this. 




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