How to create a report: For Clients

Navigate to your Report section in your Menu and select Report builder:



  1. Click on the green +CREATE REPORT button on the right hand side.

  2. You will be brought into the Report type selection screen. A full breakdown of report types can be found here: Report Types Overview: For Clients. Click on the type you need:
  3. In the report configuration page you can select from a list of fields for your report. This list can be search or expanded to search manually:
  4. With your fields selected you can now click on the filters tab and add any filtering you need such as by law firm:
  5. With both the fields and filters tab complete you can move onto the options. Here you will select the type of date to use such as invoice date, specify sorting options and subtotal options:
  6. Report is now complete, to run the report Click the “Run Report” button and you will be given a pop up with options. Display in the Brightflag portal is limited to 1000 lines of results, but if your report is bigger than this you can use the “Send by email” option to deliver the reports to your email address:
  7. If the report is something you wish to use more than once you can save the report by clicking the “Save Report” button. Once you do this you will be offered a pop up where you can name the report, set it to public if others should have access and save it:
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