How To Add a Multi-Line PO to a Matter (Client Article)

Adding a New PO Number with the Multi-Line Feature

  1. Access the relevant Matter and under the PURCHASE ORDERS tab, select the + ADD PURCHASE ORDER

  2. In the Purchase Order Number box, type the number of the new PO you wish to createmceclip5.png

  3. After you type the new PO number, click on Add new to continuemceclip6.png

  4. Select the vendormceclip7.png

  5. Select the Currencymceclip8.png

  6. Add new Purchase Order Lines

  7. Complete the details for each PO line:
    • Line Number
    • Line Description
    • From & To dates(if applicable)
    • Amount

  8. To add additional lines, click on add line and follow the steps highlighted abovemceclip9.png

  9. You can add an optional comment should you wish.

  10. Finally, once you have all the details added to the creation of the new PO, click on the green add button on the top right of the screenmceclip11.png
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