Accruals Submission Reminder Emails (for Vendors)

Accruals submission reminders are sent out to vendor users listed within an active matter. The reminders are not sent for matters which are closed - which can be managed by your client. The reminder is sent to Office Admin, Vendor Admin users and users that are participants on the active matters that require accruals.

If you receive these Accruals Submission Reminders but no longer work with this client, please reach out to the client directly to have them either close off the matter or remove your law firm from the open matter. Brightflag Support cannot remove your law firm from an active matter, only your client has the relevant privileges to take this action.

  • How to switch off accruals email reminders: Vendor users will continue to receive these email reminders as long as their Brightflag account remains enabled or if they remain a participant in an active matter. Matters can be closed by your client once completed.
    To stop these notifications, you must disable your Brightflag account or have yourself removed from the Matter by your client. Neither Brightflag Support nor the client can change the notification settings for Accruals Submissions.

  • How to be added to email reminders: you must have an active Brightflag account to receive accruals email reminders. You can receive the reminders once you are a participant on the active matters that require accruals or if your account role is of a Vendor or Office admin. If you need to be added to a matter, click here for instructions. 

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