Accruals - Important Notes (for Vendors)

Below are some important details to note as a vendor or law firm submitting Accruals on Brightflag. 

  • Matter not approved: if you have requested a new matter, it won't be visible on the accruals page until your client approves it. Reach out to your client if you have a pending matter request.
  • No Accruals to Submit: if you have no monthly accrual amount to submit for a particular matter, you're still required to submit a 0 value. A 0 value will be accepted in the Prior Accruals Period Unbilled field, Current Accruals Period Unbilled field, or both. This will confirm to your client that there is no work accrued. If you don't submit 0, it will be viewed as a missed deadline for the matter in question. 
  • Accruals submission is not required for all clients: most Brightflag clients require accruals from their vendors and law firms. If you receive accruals email reminders, this confirms that you're required to submit. Otherwise, you can check the client requirements in the onboarding emails you received from Brightflag, or reach out to Brightflag Support. 
  • Submitting an estimate Accrual: for any unbilled services, you can submit an estimated figure from which a future invoice will outline the detailed cost of the same services. It's important to ensure accruals are submitted to your client on time, either in the estimate or in accurate figures.
  • No access to submit Accruals: Office Admin and Vendor Admin roles have access to submit accruals for all matters at your law firm. If you don't hold either of the above roles, you can be added as a matter participant which will enable you to view the relevant matters on the Accruals page. 
  • Can I view accruals submitted for previous periods? This functionality is only available to your client so reaching out should anything need a confirmation would be the best step.
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