PDF Check: for Clients

PDF check is a validation tool that compares data in a PDF uploaded to Brightflag to data entered on the Brightflag system for the same PDF.

For example, a law firm user enters the invoice number on the law firm portal, which is recorded on the Brightflag database. When the PDF is uploaded for this invoice number, the data on the PDF is scanned to ensure that the same invoice number is present on the PDF.

What does it check

The following fields can be configured to check for:

  • Invoice number

  • Po Number

  • Entity

  • Matter reference

  • Gross Total

  • Net Fees Total

The following PDF types are checked

  • PDF invoices

  • PDF invoices are attached to LEDES invoices as a copy of the invoice

How does it work

The system scans the text of all PDFs uploaded to the system. This includes some basic style info like position and size on the page.

It then matches the data on the PDF to the data entered in Brightflag

What flags are generated from the PDF Check?

When an issue has been detected when a PDF invoice has gone through the PDF Check, below is an example of the flag that will appear on the invoice review screen:

What report can I see the savings from the PDF Check?

Currently, this is reported in the Saving Analysis by Firm Report (for all flags raised from 23/03/23)

Important to Note

To avoid any issues with the PDF Check, it's essential to be aware of the following: 

Entity Check

  • You should ensure to have a good well-curated list of entities

  • For entities with GL codes attached or just a single GL Code - these may impact the accuracy of the PDF Check.

  • If the entity list in the system is not of good quality, speak to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to discuss what options are available to you.

Matter reference

  • PDF Check works better where the matter reference is used by the firm and the customer

  • It's not recommended to use internal Brightflag matter references in the form bf_ref_123 as these are internal to the Brightflag system and tend not to be relevant to law firms uploading invoices. 



What if the submission is an LEDES Submission? You can require PDFs along with the LEDES submission and the PDF check will apply to all submission types. This means the total on the PDF will be validated against the total listed in the LEDES data and discrepancies flagged.



How do I enable it?

Speak to your dedicated Customer Success Manager about enabling Brightflag's new PDF Check.

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