How to get added to a Client on Brightflag: (for Vendors and Law Firms)

Before you can access your client through brightflag, you will need to be added as a vendor user on their brightflag instance.

Here is a list of ways to get added as a vendor user:

  1. The client adds you
  2. A colleague adds you

Once you've been added as a vendor user you can view our full vendor onboarding guide to get started. 


Added by the client

Send an email to your client contact with a request to be added as a vendor user. The client's internal brightflag admins will be able to add you.

If your firm hasn't been added yet, the client can set this up for you prior to adding you as a vendor user.

If you don't know who to email, reach out to brightflag support and we can provide you with a client contact.


If your client is transitioning to brightflag and you have been sent a notification of the "Go-Live" date, please ensure you have provided a list of all users [First Name, Last Name, Email Address] that you need onboarded to your client. These users will be added on the Go-Live Date.


Please note: Brightflag support does not have the authority to add you as a vendor user. Your client controls all vendor access to their instance of brightflag.


Added by a colleague

If your firm is already been added to the client and your colleague has been assigned the role of vendor admin, they can add you as a vendor user by following this guide: Adding Colleagues to Brightflag (for Vendors and Law Firms)


Please note: This option is available at the discretion of your client. If you're unsure or this feature is unavailable, you will need to reach out to your client. 



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