Creating a Life-of-Matter Budget: For Brightflag Customers (Clients)

A Life-of-Matter budget type is to set a single budget for the full lifetime of the matter. When entering a budget at the matter creation stage a Life-of-Matter budget will be set. This style of budget can also be created using the steps below. 


  1. Find the relevant matter and click into the matter.
  2. Navigate to the Budgets tab.
  3. If a budget does not exist for the matter, click Add a Budget
    • If a budget already exists, you can edit or delete the budget by clicking Edit Budgets.
  4. Choose Life-of-Matter as your budget type 
  5. Enter a budget total. If you’d prefer, leave this blank and build your budget from scratch on the next page.
    • This is based on the matter currency. If the matter currency needs to be corrected, you can change the currency on the matter details page before setting the budget.
  6. If relevant, set an unassigned budget. This is also known as an internal or buffer budget. Your vendors won’t see this. If this isn't relevant to your matter, set $0 or 0% for this value.
  7. Click Next.
  8. You will now see that your budget is evenly split across the vendors on your matter. Change the vendor totals as you see fit. You can do this by clicking on the relevant cell, entering a new amount, and clicking the tick button.
  9. Click save in the top right corner. Enter a comment, which will be saved in the budget changes table. Comments will only be visible internally. Vendors will not be notified when you set the budget. They will only see their portion of the budget. Finally, click confirm changes.
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