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Brightflag's attorney dashboard now has a quick approval available to all non-admin users of Brightflag. By default, this option is enabled for all clients in Brightflag and can be viewed when you log into Brightflag.

The quick invoice approval option in the dashboard is a significant enhancement that streamlines the approval process for users. The dashboard will display only current non-approved invoices for that user. The approval option is for the stage that the non-admin user is assigned to, including the final stage.

Feature Overview:

  • Quick Invoice Approval: This feature lets users quickly review and approve invoices directly from the dashboard. It eliminates the need to navigate to a separate platform section to approve individual invoices. 
  • Multi-Approval Option: Including a multi-approval option allows users to select and approve multiple invoices simultaneously. This feature is handy for users who must handle multiple invoices simultaneously, saving them time and effort.
  • Email Notifications: Users should know all email notifications related to approvals will continue functioning as usual from this dashboard unless stated below. This means that notifications related to the approval process will be integrated with the dashboard.

Once the invoice has been approved, it will disappear from the list of invoices on the invoices tab on the dashboard. The invoice status will change to approved in the Invoice detail page and in the backend database.

While the dashboard provides a quick and convenient overview of pending invoices, some users may require a more detailed examination of specific invoices. Users can still access the invoice detail page for a comprehensive review when necessary.
They can do this by selecting the invoice number from the dashboard and the menu. 

Overall, these features contribute to a more user-centric and efficient workflow within Brightflag, enhancing the user experience and facilitating quicker and more streamlined invoice approval processes. 

Are all pending invoices eligible for Quick Invoice Approval?

No, not all invoices are eligible for the Quick Invoice Approval function. Below are the scenarios where invoices would not be eligible:

  • Invoices in Awaiting Details status. 
  • If the AP Route action Disabled Approval on Adjustments is configured and the invoice has adjustments/disbursements.
  • If your company account has been configured to Block Approval For No Allocations and the invoice has no allocations defined.

Manual entry of the accounts payable email address

The Quick Invoice Approval function does not support the "Send Accounts Approval Email (Manual)" AP Route as that applies to entering a manual email address during approval. If you must enter this manually, you should use the regular approval method by viewing the detailed invoice review page to enter the email address manually.

How to use the Quick Invoice Approval

  1. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard
  2. Select the relevant invoices to approve
  3. Select the green approve button to approve the selected invoices.
  4. The screen returns to the Dashboard, where the two previously approved invoices are no longer visible. The Dashboard will not display approved invoices.

Can the Quick Invoice Approval feature be turned off for my company?

By default, the Quick Invoice Approval feature has been enabled for all clients on Brightflag. However, if you wish to have this feature turned off, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager who can help with this.


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