Using Brightflag for New Vendors

Once your Brightflag account has bee actived for your customer, you will then be required to submit all invoices on Brightflag. 


What’s next?

Follow these steps to get up and running with Brightflag:

  1. Follow this guide for new vendors on Brightflag.
  2. Log in to your account.

Log in URLs:

The login link you use is determined by the client account you wish to access. To ensure maximum data security, clients can choose one of three regions where their data is stored; US ( United States), EU (Europe) and AU (Australia).

For example, client headquartered in Europe chooses to store all their Brightflag data in Europe, you would use the EU (Europe) Login link to access their account - regardless of where you are located.

What’s next?

Once you have access and can log into Brightflag, you need to follow these steps to get up and running with Brightflag:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Submit your timekeeper rates and details for client approval.
  3. View your matters. If no Matters are present, please contact your client to ensure they add you to the relevant Matters.
  4. Upload your first invoice.
  5. Submit your accruals before the client deadline. 


How will my firm get paid?

Once an invoice is uploaded to the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, the invoice is routed for review to your client's in-house legal team. You can track the status of the invoice on the platform.

Once an invoice is approved, the uploader will be notified via email and payment will be issued in line with your client's payment terms.

Please note that payment happens outside Brightflag, and the Brightflag team will not have visibility or control over this. 


Live Vendor Webinars

Brighflag runs monthly webinars for law firm and vendor users. This article contains recordings of previous webinars, along with details of the upcoming sessions. 


I have more questions. Where can I find help?

Please reach out to your client contact should you have any more questions. Click here to find FAQs and further information for new law firms and vendors. If you run into an issue on the platform, you can contact Brightflag Support via this form

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