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We are excited to announce a new feature in Brightflag that allows you to enhance your timekeeper rate submissions by including years of experience. This functionality streamlines the process, providing more detailed insights into your legal operations.

Adding the 'Years of Experience' functionality in bulk timekeeper rate submissions empowers clients to capture more nuanced data, enhancing the precision of their legal operations. Clients can use this feature to make informed decisions and drive their legal spend management efficiency.

How to Use the New Feature:

Download the Updated Spreadsheet Template:

  • All bulk timekeeper rate uploads must now utilize an updated spreadsheet template accessible from the Brightflag app.
  • The new template includes a dedicated 'Years of Experience' column, ensuring seamless integration of this valuable information.

Adding Years of Experience

  • The downloaded template contains the 'Years of Experience' column to input relevant data for each timekeeper.
  • This additional information enhances your reporting capabilities, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of timekeeper rates based on experience.

Client Customization

Making 'Years of Experience' Mandatory

  • Clients have the option to make the 'Years of Experience' field mandatory for their timekeeper rate requests.
  • If this field is required for a specific client, it will be clearly marked as (Required) in the spreadsheet template.

Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

  • By including years of experience in your timekeeper rate submissions, clients gain deeper insights into the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of legal services.
  • Clients use this information to make data-driven decisions, optimize budgeting, and make sure it's aligned with your strategic legal goals.
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