Quick Search Feature

Quick Search is a new search bar at the top of your screen that lets you quickly search for matters, invoices, and timekeepers. To learn more about this new feature, click here.

You can find the Quick Search bar at the top of every page in the Brightflag application. 

To begin your search, type your search term into the Quick Search bar. This could be a matter name, invoice number, or a timekeeper's name.

Search Results

Instant Results

As you type, the tool will instantly display relevant results below the search bar. This means you can see results before hitting Enter.

User Permissions

The Quick Search Feature only displays what you have permission to see today. It respects your access rights, ensuring data security and compliance.

Advanced Filter Options

If you have many results, you can use filters to narrow down your search. Filters may include categories like "Matters," "Invoices," or "Timekeepers."

To close the quick search feature you can press escape. Or you can click anywhere else on screen outside of the dropdown menu of results. 

Search terms are retained within the same session. When you move to a different page in the application, the previous search term you used will appear in the search bar. Logging out of Brightflag will clear the previous searches. 

Invoices Tab:

In the Invoices tab, you will see some invoice details and notice that currency amounts are always displayed with two decimal places.

You will be brought to the invoice details page when you select an invoice in the search results. You can select a button to bring you to the invoice listing page.
An advanced filter is available on the invoices tab on the right side of the tab for further refining searches.

  • Set period
    • From
    • To
  • Invoice Status
  • Vendor
  • Department
  • Category
  • Entity
  • Approver
  • Approver status
  • Draft status

Matters Tab:

In the matters tab, you will see the name of the matter you searched for, be able to click on that matter and go directly to its matter details page.
An advanced filter is available on the matters tab on the right side of the tab for further refining searches.

  • Set period
    • From
    • To
  • Vendor
  • Department
  • Category
  • Group
  • Entity
  • Internal
  • Matter participants
  • Status

Timekeepers Tab:

In the timekeepers tab, you will see the name of the timekeeper and the requested rate of that timekeeper that you searched for and be able to click on that timekeeper and go directly to its timekeeper rate history page.

You can also select the go-to timekeeper's option, bringing you to the timekeeper listing page.


Search Retention Across Screens:

When selecting a result and landing on a new screen, the last search phrase and result set should be retained.

As you move from screen to screen, your search results will stay accessible until you change or delete the search phrase.

This feature is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure you can easily reference prior searches.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use keyboard shortcuts for quicker navigation. For example, press "Enter" to access the first result or use arrow keys to navigate the results.

Clearing the Search: To clear your search query and return to your previous page, simply click the "X" icon within the Quick Search bar.


Reusing Existing APIs:

The Quick Search Feature is built using existing APIs in the application, ensuring a seamless integration with the tool's functionality.


Beta Program:

Keep in mind that this new feature is currently in the beta phase. You will see a "Beta" tag in the tool's navigation bar, indicating that we are actively seeking user feedback to refine and improve the application.

Your participation in our beta program is highly encouraged to help us enhance the tool further.

Our customer support team is here to assist you if you have questions or face any issues, along with any feedback.



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