Are there any limits on what can be submitted on eBilling Hub?

LEDES invoice submission on eBilling Hub will follow the same Brightflag submission requirements. Only Ledes 98B and Ledes 98BI invoices can be uploaded to Brightflag via eBilling Hub.

This means you will not be able to upload/submit LEDES  invoices for Brightflag clients that have any of the features below enabled:

  • Tax Engine
  • Purchase Order Line Item
  • Multi Line Purchase Order Line Item
  • Phase Budgets

Vendors who are submitting invoices to clients with these settings enabled will need to use the Brightflag law firm portal to upload their invoices as the eBilling Hub platform does not support these items.

If submitting an invoice on eBilling Hub where one of the above is applicable, you will receive an error on eBilling Hub informing you that your invoice submission does not meet your client requirements. 

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