How to Unlock a Client User's Account: for Brightflag Clients (Admins Only)

If you have Client Admin access to Brightflag, you can alter and change permissions for other Brightflag users at your company. 

If one of your colleagues gets locked out of their account, please follow the steps below to unlock their account:

  1. Go to Menu > Admin Settings > User Management

    You can find a user on the User Management page using the search function highlighted below.


  2. Under the Enabled column, deselect the blue tick box for that user (the changes automatically save once the box is altered).

  3. Refresh the page

  4. Find the same user, and re-enable the blue tick box

This completes the unlocking procedure for blocked accounts. This process resets the user's login credentials, and you can now advise them to follow the Reset Password link on the home page to create a new password. Any previous passwords they had are now void.

For detailed steps to reset your password, please see this help article: Resetting My Password.

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