How to view the status of an invoice on the Invoice Analysis screen

The invoice status shown in Brightflag informs users of which stage of the approval process an invoice is currently in and what kind of action it is required.

The current status of the invoice can be found in the upper left area, next to the matter name:



There are 7 possible statuses for an invoice:


  1. Pending: The invoice is awaiting review.
  2. Approved: The invoice has been approved for payment.
  3. Rejected: The invoice has been rejected and will not be paid. A revised draft is typically submitted and linked to this rejected draft.
  4. Send to AP: (If you use the AP Export or API feature) The invoice was approved and sent to accounts for payment.
  5. Paid: Accounts have confirmed the invoice is paid (an invoice may have been paid without this status showing if your company does not update statuses in Brightflag post-payment).
  6. On-hold: The invoice has been blocked from review until the accruals review window passes.
  7. Awaiting details: Depending on your configuration, some scenarios will block the invoice from moving forward until a required change is made. More details on this status can be found here: Configuring Auto Invoice Processing Rules (Awaiting Details)
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