How to manually approve/reject an invoice - for Admins only (Client Article)

Before you can manually approve/reject an invoice you'll need to ensure the invoice is in a "pending" status. You can change an already approved/rejected invoice to pending by following the steps in this guide: How to change or reverse the status of an Invoice - for Admins only (Client Article)


Once you have changed the invoice status to Pending, you can move an invoice from:

  • Pending > Approved
  • Pending > Rejected

To move an invoice from Pending > Approved or Pending > Rejected, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click the workflow edit pen on the workflow tile on the top left:
  2. Next, add yourself to the stage as a reviewer.

3. Remove any other reviewers by clicking the little Bin next to their name:

4. You will now be the only one left in the reviewer flow, and you will see an Approve & reject button on the top right of the screen:


5. Approve or Reject the invoice as required.

Please note: When rejecting an invoice, it's important to ensure you have written a relevant rejection reason into the rejection box, so the law firm has enough information to rectify the issue and resubmit. 

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