Setting Allocations on an Invoice (Client Article)

Allocations allow you to split an invoice's charges among varying entities, departments, or any other accounting code. You can divide an invoice's charges across multiple accounting codes.


For more information on setting allocations at a matter level, please see this article: Setting Allocations on a Matter: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)


You can define the parameters of allocations in the admin settings.


Set Allocations on an Invoice:

  1. Find the relevant invoice on the Invoices page.

  2. When the invoice opens, it will default load your fee lines; select the allocations tab next to this:

  3. Click the set allocations button:
  4. Now, you can apply the allocations by populating the fields from the dropdowns. If you need more than one allocation, you can add additional lines and adjust the % split. The invoice must be 100% allocated in order to be approved. Once updated, click "Set allocations" to save.
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