Adjusting an Invoice (Client Article)

Invoice level Adjustment:

  1. On the top right of your page, there are the financial values, and as you hover over this Tile, the "Add adjustment" button will appear.

  2. Click on the button. It will be replaced with a field to enter your adjustment value and click the tick sign to complete, and you will see the invoice level adjustment appear:


Flag based adjustments:

1. Find your flag tile on the left side. Click the toggle next to the flag you wish to engage:



2. The flag will now be engaged on all applicable lines:


Manual line adjustments:

1. You can adjust the values on any narrative lines by clicking on one of the underlines associated values.

2. Once you click, you will be given a pop-up where you can update the rate, time, reason, and Amount. Update as needed and click save.


3. The update is saved and you can see your comment under the line as well as the updated values:

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