Adding a Vendor: for Brightflag Customers (Client Article)

For a vendor (law firm) to upload invoices to Brightflag, they must be set up as a vendor in Vendor Management.


This article is intended for client users. If you're a vendor/law firm and need access to a client in Brightflag, please contact the client's Admin Team directly.


To add a vendor:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Vendors > Vendor Management.

  2. ​​Click Setup New Vendor in the top right corner of your screen.

  3. Enter the Firm Name.

  4. If the firm name does not appear as you type, it means the firm needs to be added to Brightflag's global list. To do this, click on please set up a new firm and then enter the firm’s full legal name along with their main point of contact's email. From there, the Brightflag team will be notified, and they will confirm the details. When Brightflag has added the firm, you will be notified, and the firm's name will now appear in the Firm Name section for you to proceed.Screen_Shot_2021-07-16_at_10.02.03_AM.png

  5. You can now select the Firm Name from the dropdown as you type.Screen_Shot_2021-07-16_at_10.03.03_AM.png

  6. Enter a Vendor Ref. This is a reference value unique to your company that you can use to identify vendors. This can match up to the vendor reference in your AP system if appropriate.

  7. Add a Custom Vendor Name if you would like.

  8. Click Setup New Vendor.

  9. Finally, you can add an office or multiple offices to this vendor. Click on the Offices button beside your newly created vendor and enter an office name. An office is typically named after the city or country that it is located in.

After creating a vendor, you can add the people from that vendor to the Brightflag Law Firm Portal. Vendor users are typically the law firm employees who will log in to Brightflag’s law firm portal to upload invoices, create matters, submit accruals, etc. They may also be the lead outside counsel.

(If you are uploading invoices on behalf of a vendor, you will still need to add the vendor and vendor office to Brightflag so that they can be listed on the matter. However, you won't need to add vendor users).

To learn how to add vendor users to your vendor, you can follow the steps in the guide: Adding Vendor Users.

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