Timekeeper Rates: for Vendors (Law Firms)

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What are Timekeeper rates?

Timekeeper rates are the agreed rates you have set with the client for your work together. Timekeepers themselves are the legal workers who have contributed time to a particular matter and as a result, are listed on the itemized invoices. Depending on how your client has decided to set up Brightflag Timekeepers may be mandatory to use to avoid automatic rejection.



This article is best suited for Vendor Admins/Office Admin of Brightflag. Vendor/Office Admins have the necessary permissions to submit Timekeeper Rates in the Brightflag platform.

There are 3 types of permission levels for Vendor users on Brightflag:

  • Standard
  • Office Admin
  • Vendor Admin

To check which access level you have, please refer to this help article: User Roles & Permissions

Please refer to your client's billing guidelines when submitting timekeeper rates, or reach out to your client contact for further info. If your client instructs you to submit rates, please follow their guidelines.
For a step-by-step walk-through on how to submit Timekeeper rates, please watch the below video or alternatively, follow the steps outlined below.

How to Submit new Timekeeper Rates?

Video How To:


How-to Steps:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Timekeepers.

  2. Click Bulk Upload.

  3. Click Download Excel Template.

  4. Populate the spreadsheet. Ensure to use the cell format provided.
    • The Timekeeper ID is any identifier you would like.
    • The Role can be any role name you choose, however, we encourage using the full word and your region's industry-standard naming convention.
    • The Rate should have '.' rather than ',' example 1000.00, not 1000,00. However, if you enter the values the format of the template will adjust automatically.
    • The Currency should be the 3 letter ISO code (i.e. USD)
    • The Effective Date must be in the format yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy.
    • Note: The cell format must not change, so if you are copy and pasting values from your own spreadsheet into the template, be sure to paste values only.
    • Note for Editing Timekeepers: if you're using the template to edit existing timekeepers, please be sure to remove any other timekeepers from the template before submitting the file.
  5. Do not Rename the Downloaded Excel Template.
  6. Click Choose File and Upload to upload the spreadsheet.

  7. Click Upload Rates to confirm the submission. This will submit a new request to your client for their review. When they approve/reject the request you will see the status update on this same screen.


How to update an existing timekeeper rate manually?

  1. Click on the edit icon beside the relevant timekeeper.

  2. Edit the value(s) of your choice.

  3. Click Update. This will submit a new request to your client for their review. When they approve/reject the request you will see the status update on this same screen.

You can track the status of your rate requests on this same page. You can learn more about this here: Viewing Existing Timekeeper Rates


Why Can't I Submit Timekeeper Rates?

If you are unable to submit Timekeeper rates, you need to ensure you have the appropriate permission level in order to view the Timekeeper options.

Contact your Vendor Admin at your Law Firm to discuss adjusting your permission level in Brightflag.

For more information on access levels & permissions for Vendors, please visit the What can I see on the Law Firm Portal? article in our help center.

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