Adding Users on the Brightflag Law Firm Portal: for Vendors (Law Firms)

If an additional colleague requires access to the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, you can add them to your vendor. To do this, your role/access level must be a Vendor Admin or Office Admin level. For more information on Vendor user levels please visit the article in our help center.


For step-by-step instructions please see the below video:


To create a new user:

  1. Navigate to Menu > My Firm.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom section of the page labelled [Your Office Name] UsersCheck that they don’t already have access. You will only see users associated with your office.

  3. Click on Add New User.

  4. Enter the user details and click Create.

  5. The user will then receive their login details via email. If they can't find the email, advise them to check their spam/junk folder.

  6. You can edit their information at a later date by clicking Edit User beside their name

Upgrading access levels:

Your colleague’s access level will be Standard by default. If you are a Vendor Admin, you can upgrade a Standard user to Office Admin by clicking the Office Admin tickbox beside their name.

If no one at your Law Firm has Vendor Admin access you will need to reach out to your client contact and/or your Client's Brightflag Admin, who are able to upgrade their access level. If you have several Brightflag clients, you will need their access level upgraded by each client.


Please note that Brightflag Support cannot grant Vendor Admin access without explicit consent from your Client. All requests to upgrade to Vendor Admin access must be sent directly to your Client.


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