Tracking the Status of an Invoice (for Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.
Depending on your client's settings, you can track the status of an invoice you've submitted to Brightflag. If you're the user who submitted the invoice, you should also receive an email notification once it has been approved or rejected. 

Invoice Statuses

There are seven possible statuses for submitted invoices:
  1. Pending: the invoice is being processed by the system, and is not yet visible to the client.
  2. With Client: the invoice is available on Brightflag for the client to review.
  3. Approved: the invoice has been approved for payment.
  4. Exported for Payment: the invoice has been sent to the client's accounts payable team. This status may not be visible to all vendors.
  5. Batch Paid: the invoice has been paid by the client. This status may not be visible to all vendors.
  6. Rejected: the invoice has been rejected and will not be paid. You'll need to amend and resubmit the invoice.
  7. Awaiting Details: some scenarios will block the invoice from moving forward until a required change is made. Your client will need to action this change.  

Payment happens outside Brightflag. The Brightflag Support team don't have visibility on payment status. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your client directly. 


Finding an Invoice 

Log in to the relevant client account on Brightflag, and navigate to Menu > Invoices > View Invoices


Here, you can view all invoices you have submitted. If you are a Vendor Admin or Vendor Office Admin, you can view all invoices associated with the office you are viewing. Use the search bar and filters to find the invoice you're looking for, and view the Status column.


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