Tracking the status of an Invoice: for Vendors (Law Firms)

Aside from email messages, depending on your client settings, you can also track the status of an invoice on Brightflag.

Once you choose your client, you will be brought to the View & Upload Invoices page for that client.

You can also navigate to this page at any time by clicking the invoices icon in the menu sidebar.


The View & Upload Invoices page allows you to filter invoices by Status, Client Contact, and Law Firm Contact.

It also allows you to search by matter name or invoice number using the search box, with this option any invoice submitted under the referred matter will be shown.

There are six statuses for submitted invoices:

  1. Pending: the invoice is being processed by the system, not yet visible to the client
  2. With Client: the invoice is available on Brightflag for the client to review
  3. Approved: the invoice has been approved for payment
  4. Exported for payment: The invoice has been sent to the client's account payables team.
  5. Batch Paid: the invoice has been paid by the client
  6. Rejected: the invoice has been rejected and will not be paid

You can check the status of the invoice at any time, saving you time and keeping you up to date on the progress of your invoices.

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