Submitting a LEDES Invoice (for Vendors and Law Firms)


Fixing LEDES File Errors (Step 7 Continued)

  1. Errors with your LEDES file can be fixed on the confirmation page. A red X icon appears in the Errors/Warnings column.                                              mceclip0.png
  2. Click on the red X icon to learn more about the errors. mceclip1.png
  3. Next, click Fix in the Actions column, and you'll be redirected to the edit page. Screenshot_2022-12-08_at_15.56.24.png
  4. You can add any missing information or edit an individual narrative line here. Clicking on Edit beside each narrative line will open a window that displays additional fields that can be edited or updated.                                mceclip17.png
  5. Once you've made the necessary changes, click Update Invoice Changes to save before Return to Confirm
  6. You'll be redirected to the confirmation page, and the error warning should no longer be displayed. 


Attaching a PDF at LEDES Submission (Step 7 Continued)

From Step 7 above, follow the below instructions to add a PDF copy to your LEDES Invoice Submission

  1. Click on the Add Invoice PDF
  2. You will be presented with the below pop-up
  3. Ensure all the invoice details are correct: Matter, Client Contact, and Currency.
  4. Next, attach the PDF copy by clicking on Choose Invoice PDF
  5. Once your PDF has been successfully attached, click the green Set Invoice Details button to save.mceclip4.png
  6. Once saved, the invoice line will update, showing the file name of the attached PDF invoice.

To view the PDF you previously attached, click on the black paper icon, which will automatically download a copy to your desktop. You can't remove a PDF once it's been attached. Instead, delete the submission and re-upload the LEDES invoice (see below).


Adding PDF Attachments at LEDES Submission (Step 7 continued)

If you are required to add any expense receipts or additional information to support your invoice, you can use the Add Attachment function under the Attachments column.

  1. Click Add Attachment
  2. Select your file and click the green Upload Attachment button to save it.mceclip8.png
  3. Click Close to return.
  4. You will see the attachment count to confirm that your attachment has been saved.
  5. To delete/replace any attachments, click on the attachment count number under the attachments column. You will be presented with an orange delete icon on the following pop-up screen.
  6. Once you click that button, your attachment will automatically delete. Click Close to return.

LEDES Invoice Resubmission

  1. Go through the regular process of uploading an invoice. 
    • If you run into any errors, for example, 'the uploaded file has previously been uploaded,' you may need to slightly edit the end of the file name. View the guidance on preparing your revised draft above.
      • E.g. original invoice file name: 12345.txt; revised draft file name: 12345A.txt
    • Duplicate invoices will not be accepted unless the invoice is a revised draft.
  2. After you have uploaded the invoice, click the red link button, where you'll be prompted to select the invoice number of the original draft.Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_12.54.53_PM.png
  3. Use the drop-down to pick the original invoice number and 'Set Invoice Detail' to save your selection. Screenshot_2022-12-08_at_10.54.19.png
  4. If an invoice is submitted as a new draft and not linked to the old draft, the invoice will be subject to rejection.
  5. Once this is complete, you can confirm and fully submit the invoice.


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