Reviewing Accruals: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

As the internal matter lead, you may be required to review the vendor accruals entries each month. You will be notified each month on the date when this begins. The review period will start after the cut-off day and continue to the last calendar day of the month.

To review accruals:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Financial Management > Review Accruals

  2. You will, by default, be brought to the “submitted tab,” which will show you all Accruals submitted by the vendor. 


  1. Begin reviewing the values that the firm has entered.

  2. Ensure to click “Apply Filters” after changing any filters.

  3. Edit any incorrect figures (i.e., monitor ball-park figures, exact figures do not need to be confirmed with the firm).

  4. Use the Approve icon and the tick, and a modal will surface for you to add relevant Comments.

  5. To approve multiple accruals, Tick the box beside the accruals you want to confirm and click “Approve Selected.”

  6. These approved accruals will move to the “Approved” tab.

  7. This will then feed into the overall accruals report that your company runs.

  8. Navigate to the “Not submitted” tab to determine which firm has not submitted accruals. You can also enter the amount on their behalf if they miss the deadline.

  9. Empty fields indicate that your vendor has not submitted an accrual amount.


Filtering to former accrual periods:

To view the accruals entered for a month in the past, use the accrual period filter to select the date range and press the APPLY FILTERS button to return those results:



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