Adding a User to a Department: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

To add a user to a department:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Departments.
  2. Click on the user icon under the 'Action' column

  3. Input the relevant username in the Add User box and select the relevant user from the drop-down options.

  4. Click Add User.
  5. Once you've added the relevant user/s click save to confirm

Why it's important to assign departments:

  • If the user is a Department Overview User, the assigned departments will determine which matters they can access. If a matter is allocated to one of their assigned departments, they will gain access to that matter.

  • A Department Overview User will have access to their assigned department's spend analytics on the Spend Overview Dashboard.

  • It is useful for informational purposes, as you can track the organizational structure of your user base.
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