Spend Overview Dashboard: For Clients

The Brightflag Spend Overview Dashboard provides real-time insights into your legal spend. You will have access to this page if you are an administrator, overview user, or department overview user. The spend amount you see will also depend on the matters or departments you have access to. Please note that the spend overview dashboard totals pending and approved invoice amounts via the invoice date.


To navigate the spend overview dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Overview.

  2. Use the Departments dropdown to filter the spend to particular departments.

  3. Choose a Start Date and End Date. This filter is based on invoice date i.e. the date the invoice was created/issued.

  4. Click Filter.

  5. Explore the tiles.
    • Click Show More to see more values in a tile.
    • Click on a value (e.g. a firm's name) to view all of the matters and spend from that firm.

  6. Export the data on this page by clicking the Print button in the top right corner of your screen.

  7. Export the data from a specific tile by clicking the Print button beside the tile name.

  8. Your highest value matters at the bottom of your dashboard page. Click on Show 5 more to view the next 5 highest value matters.
    Please note that if your matter is not assigned to a department, it will not be included in the calculations by default. To see all matters, including those not assigned to a department, uncheck the option for "Toggle All Departments"

How is spend defined?

'Spend' is set at a company level. To find out what the calculation in place for 'spend' is:

  1. Navigate to the Summary tab of any matter.

  2. Click on the info icon beside the min budget chart.

  3. From there you will see a description of your spend calculation and default date type.

How can I change the definition of spend?

Your company's definition of spend can be defined in your background settings. If you hold a Client Admin role please Submit a Request to Brightflag Support if you would like this changed.

The options are:

  • Invoice total (amount to be paid) = Fees - discount +expenses + taxes

  • Invoice total excluding tax = Fees - discount + expenses

  • Fees excluding discount = Fees - discount



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