Spend by Month Report Explained: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

With Brightflag, you can easily visualize and export your legal spend data across a variety of variables.

The Spend by Month Report is an out-of-box report that will provide you with a depiction of your legal spend across time.


To use the spend by month report:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Reports > Spend by Month Report.

  2. Select a date range for your report.

  3. Select the date type that the date range filter will use. Choose whether to view spend based on the date types Worked, Invoiced, or Received.
    • Spend Worked relates to the dates the lawyers did the work they charged for. It is based off the earliest and latest line item dates on the invoice.
    • Spend Invoiced relates to the date that the invoice was created/issued.
    • Spend Received relates to the date the invoice was submitted to Brightflag.

  4. Select a category that you would like to filter the report by. You can choose between Practice Area (Department), Matter, Entity, and Law Firm (Vendor).
    • Choose the values you would like included in this category filter. If you would like all spend included, select all values in that category.

  5. Select a currency for your report to be generated in.
    • You can choose between Euro, Dollar, Pound Sterling or any other currency using the Other Currency button.
    • If the currency you have chosen differs from the original invoice currency, the spend will be converted using the Fx rate present at noon on the invoice's date.

  6. When you have selected your data, you will see the spend visualized in the chart area. The table below will populate with the spend data and totals.

  7. To export this information, click the Export to Excel button. 

To gather more granular analytics on your data, you can build your own report in the Brightflag report builder.

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