Configuring Invoice Approval Workflows (Client Article)

Invoice approval workflow configurations determine which reviewers will appear on an invoice's stages of review. The rules for these workflows can be configured using a multitude of conditions. You can have multiple workflows that are ordered by priority.

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Configure a new invoice approval workflow setting:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Workflows.
  2. If you have no existing workflows, start by clicking Add Workflow. If you have existing workflows in place, take note of the order that the new workflow should be placed into.
  3. Enter a Workflow Name.

  4. Select a workflow Priority.
  5. Click on the workflow name to add conditions
  6. Start by clicking Add Condition. Choose an option from the dropdown. 
  7. Select a Value for that condition.
  8. If required, you can add several conditions. Workflows are based on AND logic, meaning all conditions must be met in order for an invoice to fall into this workflow.

    To note: the workflow condition for gross total indicates a condition will be matched if the invoice gross total is greater than or equal to the condition value set.

  9. Next, add a Stage. This will be the first stage that reviewers will appear on.

  10. Select the Add Reviewer button.

  11. Choose a User Type from the dropdown list.
    • If you select User as the user type, you will then need to select a specific user.

  12. If you would like additional reviewers on this stage, click Add Reviewer again under the same stage.
    • If you have multiple reviewers on a stage and you require all reviewers to review that stage, tick the box beside Stage to be approved by all reviewers?.
  13. Repeat steps 9 through 12 to add further stages and users.

What happens if the same person appears in multiple stages of an invoice approval workflow?

In situations where the same person appears in multiple stages of an invoice approval workflow, the Brightflag system detects this and only applies one stage so that person will only review/approve an invoice once.

For example, if an Internal Matter Lead happens to also be the Department Head, and the invoice approval workflow has two stages, stage 1 is the Internal Matter Lead and stage 2 is the Department Head, the approval flow will only apply one stage.

Approval stage where nobody is assigned to a role

In a situation where an invoice approval stage is assigned to a particular role, but nobody is assigned to that role, that approval stage is skipped.

For example, if the Department Head is listed as one of the invoice approval stages, but nobody is listed as the Department Head, this stage is skipped.



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