Viewing & Editing Matter Details: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Within the matter overview page, you can view and edit matter details at any point. However, some fields may be locked for editing, depending on your company's settings. 

To view matter details:

  1. Find the relevant matter and click into its Matter Overview Page.

  2. Navigate to the Matter Details tab.
  3. Here, you will have access to the core and custom matter fields, the Matter Template, Matter Participants, the Lead Outside Counsel, and the matter's Allocations.

 To edit a matter field's value:

  1. Click on any field that is underlined in blue, These are the fields that you have access to edit.

  2. Depending on the data type for this field, you can enter a new value in various ways.
    • For a dropdown field, such as Department
      • Remove the existing text.
      • Enter the name of the value you want to choose. Choose the new value from the dropdown list and click the blue tick to confirm the change.
      • Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_3.54.39_PM.png

To edit other aspects of this page:

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