Invoice Flags Explained: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Brightflag's invoice flags allow you to easily view breaches of your billing guidelines and billing inefficiencies charged on an invoice. Flags are powered by Brightflag's artificial intelligence using language analysis. Flags are located at the center of the Invoice Analysis page


How does Brightflag's artificial intelligence generate flags?

Brightflag uses A.I. driven language analysis to read and code each individual line item of an invoice. These coded lines are applied against your company’s billing guidelines and industry best practice guidelines. Any line items breaking these guidelines will trigger a flag, highlighting exactly what has been breached. In a nutshell, the A.I. has done the heavy lifting of review for you.


Which line items are triggering flags to appear?

Click on a flag title to filter the line items that relate to that flag. Scroll down to view these lines. 1 line item may relate to several flags.



How are my company's billing guidelines in Brightflag?

Your company's billing guidelines (engagement terms) are configured into Brighflag's rules engine. The flags that appear on an invoice are based directly on your company's billing guidelines. Your company's Brightflag system administrator has the ability to change the flag configuration at any point, to optimize them for use.

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