Matter Fields Explained: for Vendors (Law Firms)

When viewing, requesting or creating a matter, you may not be familiar with the terminology used. Outlined below is a description of all core matter fields

  • Matter Name: The name of the legal project or case.

  • Matter Reference: A unique reference number/ID for this matter.

  • Customer Matter ID: An additional reference number/ID for this matter.

  • Currency: The currency in which the matter overview page's spend figure will appear in. This does not affect the currency in which the invoices need to be submitted.

  • Matter Category: The type of legal work this matter relates to.

  • Entity: The legal entity of the customer that instructed this matter.

  • Budget: The overall cost that has been budgeted for this matter (will default to a Periodic 6-month budget).

  • Department: Often the function (department) that instructed the matter. The use of this field varies depending on the customer.

  • Internal Matter Lead: The lead in-house attorney within your client that is managing this case.

  • Country: The location where this matter takes place. Often the same location as the vendor office on this matter but not necessarily.

  • Lead Outside Counsel: The lead attorney in the vendor that manages this case.

If the field you are looking for a description of is not on this list, then it means it is a custom matter field. These fields are created by your client, who can assist you in understanding the purpose of this field.

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