Submitting Budget Requests Manually (for Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.

Depending on your client's requirements, you may be asked to submit budgets for each matter on Brightflag. These budgets may be new or re-forecasted. Brightflag doesn't send reminder notifications for budgets, so if your client requires them, they will notify you outside the platform. 

Budgets can be submitted manually (individually by matter on Brightflag) or in bulk (through a spreadsheet template you download from Brightflag, fill in offline, and upload). Click here for instructions on bulk budget requests. 


Submitting Budget Requests Manually

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matters.

  2. Select the relevant matter by clicking on the Matter Reference.

  3. Click on the Request Budget tab on the matter page.

  4. Select the year that you are entering the request for.

  5. Enter your budget request for the current year, broken out by quarter.

  6. Finally, click Request Budget to submit the entry. 

The budget currency reflects the same currency of the matter and thus, the currency option can not be changed when submitting budget requests.

If you need to change the matter currency, please reach out to your client contact as they can change this on their end.

If you submit a budget in error, you can resubmit your budget in the same manner as before. The most recent version you submit will be the one the client reviews.

You will be notified by email when your budget request has been approved or rejected.

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