Submit / Upload a PDF Invoice on Behalf of a Vendor/Law Firm: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

An invoice can be uploaded by either you or your vendor. You can upload an invoice on the vendor's behalf if you prefer not to set them up on the Brightflag Law Firm Portal.


Submit /Upload a PDF Invoice

PDF invoices can either be billed with an itemized hourly breakout or an agreed fixed fee.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Invoices

  2. Click Upload Invoices in the top right corner.

  3. Select a Vendor and Vendor Office. 
    • If the vendor or vendor office you are looking for is not showing in the dropdown options, you will need to create the vendor and vendor office. You will not need to add vendor users if you will be uploading invoices on their behalf.

  4. Use the Matter Search bar to enter any matter identifier. This will filter the Select Matter dropdown options to matters that include that identifier.
  5. Select if this invoice Is a Resubmitted Invoice. A resubmitted invoice is a revised draft of a rejected invoice.
    • If it is a resubmitted invoice, select the original draft of the invoice from the Link to Original Invoice dropdown. If the invoice you are looking for does not appear, you either do not have access to the invoice to it, or the original draft does not have a rejected status.

  6. Enter the Invoice Number. Your invoice will be auto-rejected if it is not an exact match of the invoice number as stated on the PDF. Each invoice must have a unique invoice number unless it is a resubmitted draft of a previously submitted invoice.

  7. Select the invoice Currency as it appears on the PDF. Each invoice must only contain one currency.

  8. Select the Invoice Date. This is the date on which the invoice was created/issued.mceclip2.png

  9. Enter the Fees. This is the sum of all line items or the sum of all fixed fees, before any discount. Expenses or taxes should not be included here.

  10. Enter a total Discount or Discount %.

  11. Enter the Expenses (excl. tax) and Total Tax.

  12. The Invoice Total will auto-calculate based on the previous fields. If this does not add up to the PDF's total, you will need to rectify a mistake in the entries of the prior fields.

  13. Where necessary, enter a Note that will appear on the invoice for the invoice reviewers to see.

  14. Verify that all fields match the PDF invoice. Any mismatch will lead to an auto-rejection of your invoice. Some clients may require that the entity and entity address on the PDF match the matter. If so, check the matter details before creating your PDF.

  15. Click Submit Invoice

  16. Confirm the submission by clicking Submit Invoice.

If your invoice is auto-rejected due to a mismatch of information between the PDF and your entry, you will receive an email notification (if you are the uploader of the invoice).

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  • Can you help me to uplaod an invoice please? it seem that something wrong and I am not sue what...(the noteice i have-  Taxable amount TAXABLE AMOUNT TOTAL doesn't match the INVOICE SUBTOTAL.) 

  • This is my first time uploading our firm's invoice but prompted with the below message. It is not for "Resubmitted Invoice". Kindly advise.


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