Finding a Matter: for Vendors (Law Firms)

This article applies to *Vendors/Law Firms.

If you are a *Vendor/Law Firm working on behalf of a Client that uses BrightFlag, the Matters that you have access to on BrightFlag will depend on the level of access you have been granted by your BrightFlag 'Admin'.

If you cannot find a Matter and require the appropriate access to view a Matter, please reach out to your nominated BrightFlag Admin at your Law Firm. 

Please note: Only the nominated BrightFlag Admin at your Law Firm has the required permissions to grant/alter your access level. BrightFlag Support is unable to alter your access level.


Finding a Matter:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matters > View Matters.

  2. To search for a Matter, use at least one of the combination of search filters at the top of your screen and then click Search.

  3. The Matter Search allows you to narrow the search by matter-specific elements such as 'Matter Reference', 'Matter Name', or 'Client Matter ID'.

  4. When you have found the matter you are looking for, click on the Matter Name to access the matter overview page.

If you are unable to find the matter that you are looking for, check with your Law Firm's administrator(s).


Are you the nominated Administrator (Admin) at your Law Firm?

  • If your Client has granted you Admin level BrightFlag access for your Law Firm, you will have the appropriate permissions to alter access levels for all other 'Ordinary BrightFlag Users' at your Law Firm. For steps on how to assign Ordinary Users access to a Matter, Click here.

  • If you have Admin level access and still can't locate the Matter you are searching for, the Matter will need to be either requested or created or assigned to the correct office location. Alternatively, ask your Client to create the Matter on your behalf.

  • If you get a request from an 'Ordinary BrightFlag User' at your Law Firm requested access to a Matter, you can do so by clicking the Screenshot_2021-07-05_at_15.14.06.png sign beside 'Law Firm Matter Assignees'. For more detailed steps on this, please click here.

*Vendor: Within the BrightFlag app and the Support Help Centre, Law Firms will be referred to a 'Vendors'. Important to note that when BrightFlag refers to a Law Firm or Vendor, these titles mean the same thing.

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