Uploading a PDF Invoice - Agreed Fixed Fee: for Vendors (Law Firms)

Within the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, you can submit invoices in LEDES format, LEDES+PDF, or PDF only.  PDF invoices can either be billed with an itemized hourly breakout or as an agreed fixed fee.

This guide will take you through PDF-only agreed fixed fee invoice submissions. If your invoice is a mix of hourly fees and fixed fees it is advised you split the invoice into 2, one for hourly fees and one for fixed fees. If this is not possible, choose hourly fees.


Top Tip: Did you know that most BrightFlag Clients & Law Firms prefer invoices uploaded in a LEDES format for a much faster processing time? Click here for guidance on Uploading a LEDES Invoice.



To submit a PDF agreed fixed fee invoice:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Invoices > Upload PDF

  2. Click Choose File to upload the PDF invoice from your PC.

  3. For security reasons, some characters are not allowed in filenames. Permitted characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, spaces ' ', hyphens '-', underscores '_', dots '.', brackets '()', '&' and '%'. If you receive this error please rename your Invoice and resubmit.

  4. Add this invoice to an existing Matter using the Matter Search bar after uploading the PDF invoice to select the matter that this invoice relates to. An invoice can only relate to one matter.
  5. If you are resubmitting an invoice, please see the steps at the bottom of this help page.

  6. For first-time invoices, select No under Is This a Resubmitted Invoice? and then select Agreed Fixed Fees.

  7. Enter the Invoice Number. Your invoice may be rejected by your client if it is not an exact match of the invoice number as stated on the PDF. Each invoice must have a unique invoice number, unless it is a resubmitted draft of a previously submitted invoice.

  8. Select the invoice Currency as it appears on the PDF Invoice. Each invoice must only contain one currency. Important to note that the Currency field will not populate until you have linked this Invoice to the appropriate Matter - please see step 4 above.

  9. Enter the Billing Period. This is the date range in which the work was carried out.

  10. Select the Invoice Date (as it appears on the invoice). This is the date that the invoice was created/issued.

  11. Enter the Agreed Fixed Fee by clicking the + icon beside this. The  Description and Fee (Excl. Tax) can then be entered.  This is prior to any discount.
    Expenses should also not be included here.

  12. If required, enter additional Agreed Fixed Fee amounts in the same way, by clicking the + icon again.

  13. To enter additional Agreed Fixed Fee items click on the green symbol Screenshot_2021-07-05_at_15.14.06.png

  14. Enter an Expense by clicking the Screenshot_2021-07-05_at_15.14.06.png icon beside this. The expense codes are based on the Uniform Task-Based Management System.

  15. Choose between entering a Discount total or Discount %.

  16. Enter a TotalTax.(If you are prompted to enter tax codes and rates, click here for guidance).

  17. The Invoice TOTAL (to be paid) will auto-calculate based on the previous fields. If this is not adding up to the total on the PDF, you will need to rectify a mistake in the entries of the prior fields.

  18. Where necessary, enter a Note that will appear on the invoice for the client to see.

  19. Verify that all fields match the PDF invoice. Any mismatch will lead to an auto-rejection of your invoice. Some clients may require that the entity and entity address on the PDF match the matter. If so, check the matter details before creating your PDF.

  20. Click Submit Invoice. Alternatively, click Save & Add New to add another invoice.

  21. Confirm the submission by clicking Submit Invoice at the bottom of the page.


Uploading a Resubmitted Invoice

  1. If you are resubmitting an invoice, be sure to select Is This a Resubmitted Invoice. A resubmitted invoice is a revised draft of a rejected invoice and then select the original draft of the invoice from the Link to Original Invoice dropdown. If the invoice you are looking for does not appear, you either do not have access to the invoice or the original draft does not have a rejected status.
You can verify that your invoice has been submitted correctly by finding it on the page (Menu > Invoices > View Invoices). If your invoice is auto-rejected due to a mismatch of information between the PDF and your entry, you will receive an email notification (if you are the uploader of the invoice). You can also monitor the View Invoices page for a change of status.


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