How to Edit the Workflow on an Invoice (Client Article)

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For steps on how to find the workflow on an invoice, please click here: Finding the Approval Workflow on an Invoice


Important note on removing the final stage of an invoice: If you need to remove the final stage of an invoice and the previous stage has already been approved, please do one of the following to prevent the invoice from getting stuck without a final approval action:

- Add a new final stage to replace the one you just removed


- Reset the previous stage to pending for the approver(s) to re-approve


How to Add an Approver to an Invoice 

  • Locate the relevant review stage and click Add Approver.

  • Choose the approver from the Please Select User to Add to Stage dropdown.
  • Confirm the change by clicking Add.

How to Remove an Approver from an Invoice 

  • Locate the relevant approver and click the - (minus) button to the right of their name.

  • Confirm the change by clicking Remove.


If there is only one approver in a stage, you must remove the entire stage. 

If you are removing the final stage of an invoice, please click here

How to Add a Review Stage to an Invoice 

  • Click Add Stage.


How to Remove a Review Stage from an Invoice 

  • Click the - (minus) contained in the Stage No. box.


The approval stages dictate the sequence in which an invoice is approved.



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