Viewing Invoices Uploaded by a Colleague: for Vendors (Law Firms)

Viewing & Sharing an Invoice(s)

On the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, Vendor ordinary users only see invoices that they personally have uploaded to Brightflag. However, in some circumstances, you might wish to share an invoice with another ordinary user in your Vendor's office.

To view invoices uploaded by your colleagues, please reach out to your colleagues and ask them to share the invoice with you. Use the steps detailed below to share an invoice.


To Share an Invoice with a User in Your Vendor:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Invoices > View Invoices.

  2. Find the invoice using the Search field that you would like to share. 

  3. Click the Actions button to the right of the invoice.

  4. In the Actions dropdown, select Share invoice.
  5. Begin typing the user's email address and then select their email address from the list.
    • Note: You can only share invoices with people in the same office as you.
  6. Confirm by clicking Share Invoice.

This invoice will now show on that user's View Invoices page.



To Remove Shared Access to an Invoice:

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above.

  2. Click the X beside the relevant username.



How Do I See Invoices Uploaded by all My Colleagues?

Visibility of Invoices for your colleagues is based on your permissions level. 

  • Standard users will only have visibility into their own invoices but, as highlighted above, can share one of thier submitted invoices with a colleague and also request a colleague to share an invoice with them.
  • Office Admin has visibility into Matters & Invoices attached to their office
  • Vendor Admin has access & visibility into all Matters & Invoices for their law firm across all offices & users.

For more information on Vendor role types while using the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, please visit the User Roles & Permissions for Vendors (Law Firms) article in our help center.

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