Adding a Budget to Matter by Phase: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

You can set matter budgets in Brightflag in a variety of ways: 

  • Budget by Total: Set a budget for the lifetime of the matter

  • Budget by Month: Set a budget by month for the matter

  • Budget by Phase: Set a budget for each phase you have defined in the matter

  • Budget by Quarter: Set or request a budget to be broken down by fiscal quarter.


To Set a Budget by Phase:

  1. Find the relevant matter click on its Matter Overview Page.


  2. Navigate to the Budgets tab.

  3. At the top of the budgets tab, you will see Set Budget By __ and then a dropdown option. From the dropdown, select By Phase.


  4. Begin entering the Phase Name and Phase Budget. Then click Add Phase.
    • You can create as many phase as you would like.
    • When naming a phase, it's important that your vendors understand the rationale behind the naming convention, as they will assigning their invoices to a phase at the point of uploading their invoices.
    • The sum of the individual phase budgets will create the overall matter budget.

  5. After you have entered all phases, confirm your entry by clicking Save to the right of the new budget.


Assigning an Invoice to a Phase:

After you have set up your phase budgets, your firms can begin assigning their invoices to a phase at the point of upload. Subsequently, it's important that your vendor is aware of this and splits up their invoices by phase.

  • You can also reassign an invoice to a different phase from the matter overview page of the relevant matter if your vendor chose it incorrectly.

  • Navigate to the Invoices tab of the Matter Overview Page, and select a phase for each invoice using the Budget Phase dropdown.mceclip2.png
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