Viewing or Editing Existing Accruals Submissions (for Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.

Accruals can be submitted to Brightflag either manually (individually on the platform) or in bulk. After you or a colleague submit your Accruals, you can view or edit the amounts right up until your client's deadline. If certain matters don't appear on the Accruals page, check that you are viewing the correct firm office and that you have access to the matter.  


Viewing Entries Within the Current Accruals Period

1. Navigate to Menu > Accruals.


2. Here, you will see all Accrual entries completed by you or your colleagues. View the Status column to confirm if an accrual has been submitted previously


3. You can view the current month's accruals entries up until the last calendar day of the month. After this point, a new accrual period will begin, and you will not have access to previous months.

4. Your or your colleague(s) name will appear in the Submitted By column if an Accrual amount has been successfully submitted. 

Note: Your client will have access to accruals entries in the past for reporting on their end.


Editing Entries Within the Current Accruals Period

1. Navigate to Menu > Accruals.



2. If you want to edit existing entries, you must do so before the accrual submission window closes. 

      • You will know the accrual submission window has closed if the accrual amounts are greyed out. Additionally, the deadline for the accrual submission window is stated at the top of your screen:Screenshot_2023-02-15_at_10.58.09.png

3. If the accruals submission window is open, you can update the existing entries manually or in bulk as usual.

4. Make sure to click Submit at the top of the screen whenever you add or amend Accruals, or the system will not save them.


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  • Kinda hard to do anything when all I get is pages and pages and pages and pages of articles and more articles. 

    I am NOT able to find the "menu" much less the invoice submission page I did only a week ago.  


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