Why can't I submit Accruals? (for Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.

You can submit your monthly accruals either manually (individually on the platform) or in-bulk. If you are unable to submit accruals, there might be a couple of reasons why.


I can't see my firm's matters.

The matters that you have access to will depend on your access level. This guide explains your access level. Additionally, make sure your matter has been created fully by your client by following the steps towards finding a matter.


I can't enter an accrual amount on my matters.

The Current Period Unbilled or Prior Periods Unbilled fields are uneditable and highlighted in pink, which means the accruals submission window has closed. Depending on your client, this could be at any point in the month. The deadline for the accrual submission window is stated at the top of your screen:


I receive the "No Accruals Submitted" message when trying to submit. 

  • This message will only be prompted when you try to re-enter the same accruals twice.
  • If no more editing is needed, then no further action needs to be taken.
  • If you require to edit the accruals further, make the necessary changes, and be sure to check the accrual amounts before clicking Submit.
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