Assigning your Colleague to a Matter: for Vendors (Law Firms)

If you are a vendor administrator, you will be able to add your colleagues that are vendor ordinary users to a matter.

The benefit of this is that the ordinary user will then be able to upload invoices to that matter. 


To add your colleague as a Law Firm Matter Assignee:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Matters> View Matters


  2. Find the relevant matter  using matter or matter reference.

  3. Enter the matter by clicking on the matter reference.

  4. On the Matter Details tab, click the + (plus button) beside Law Firm Matter Assignees.


  5. Begin typing the name of your colleague.

  6. Select their name from the list of options.


  7. Click the green tick (confirm button).

  8. Your colleague's name will now appear under Law Firm Matter Assignees.

This user will now be able to view this matter in their matter list. They will be able to upload invoices to the matter. However, ordinary users will only be able to view invoices that they have uploaded to the matter themselves.

Alternatively, invoices uploaded by other users within the vendor can share the invoice with them.

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