Configuring Awaiting Details Rules: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Within your company, there may be certain key data points needed on an invoice or matter for an invoice to be payable. If these data points lay outside of Brightflag’s standard mandatory invoice requirements, you can still enforce their input through Brightflag’s customizable Awaiting Details functionality.

When an invoice is submitted to your company and it passes your chosen data checks, and the invoice is approved, it will go to Accounts Payable as normal.

If an invoice fails these checks, and the last stage of the invoice is attempted to be approved, you will be alerted that the invoice can't be approved.

Refresh the page and the invoice status will show as Awaiting Details. Besides the invoice status, you will see what details are incorrect/missing.

This means the invoice cannot be paid until the issue is resolved. When the relevant values are inputted by someone in your company or Brightflag, the invoice will automatically be released from the Awaiting Details status so that it can be sent to AP.


To proactively address issues with invoices where they will likely enter the Awaiting Details status, admins will receive a daily email reminder that lists the invoices with issues on them.


To configure your Awaiting Details rules, please contact your company's designated Brightflag Customer Success Manager. They can assist you with the setup.


The fields that can be configured for awaiting details are:

  • Vendor Ref is not empty

  • Vendor Ref contains letters

  • Invoice Amount must be valid

  • Invoice Currency label valid

  • Receipt Number is not empty

  • PO number is empty
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