Storing Documents in a Matter: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Storing documents within a matter on Brightflag allows you to easily share information with your colleagues or vendors.

Your vendor(s) cannot access the files from the Brightflag Law Firm Portal, but you can see the files they have uploaded.

The file size for documents stored at the matter level is limited to 20 MB.

If you need more robust document management functionality, Brightflag has a separate module, Brightflag Workspace, which offers this:


To view Emails & Files on a matter: 

  1. Find the relevant matter.

  2. Click on the Matter Ref to access the Matter Overview Page.

  3. Navigate to the Emails & Files tab of that matter. Here, you will see all documents and emails that have been uploaded to the matter.

  4. Click on your desired file. Emails are stored on the left. If your email was uploaded through the Brightflag-Outlook add-in, it can be viewed within Brightflag without downloading them.
  5. Click on the download icon to download a file to your device.


To upload files and emails to a matter:

  1. Navigate to the Emails & Files tab of a matter.

  2. On the right side of your screen, click on Browse to Upload.
    • File types accepted are PDF, Docx, Doc, PPT, PPTX, XLSX, XLS, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MSG, TXT.

  3. The file is now stored within the matter.


Can I see the attachments uploaded by my vendor law firm?

Yes, any documents, files, or emails uploaded to a matter by your vendor will be visible to you within the matter.

Important to note that your vendor will not have visibility into any uploads you (the client) make to a matter.


Can Vendors see any attachments uploaded by me (the client)?

No, any attachments uploaded by a client user will only be visible to other client users who are a matter participant. If you wish to share any documents with your vendor you need to manually share with them separately.


Can Deleted Files Be Retrieved?

No, once a file is deleted it cannot be retrieved by anyone. However, all activity will be documented with the Summary tab of a Matter where you will see a log of files being added & deleted.

Vendor law firms do not have access to this activity log - only Clients have this level of access.


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