PDF Invoice Rejection Reasons: for Vendors (Law Firms)

The invoice you submit to Brightflag may be rejected for a variety of reasons. This reason may differ between LEDES file invoices and PDF invoices. This guide covers PDF rejection reasons. Click here to learn more about LEDES file rejections.


How will I know when my invoice has been rejected?

When your invoice is rejected, a note will be added to the invoice under the heading Rejection Note on the invoice overview page [highlighted on the example screenshot below]. To see this Rejection Note, find your invoice in the Brightflag Law Firm Portal and you will see the reason in the grid/table on this page. If you were the person who submitted this invoice, you will also receive an email to let you know the invoice was rejected.



Why would my invoice be rejected?

Your invoice can either be rejected automatically by the system or by your client’s invoice reviewer.

Brightflag PDF scan auto-rejections:

Your invoice may be rejected due to failing the PDF scan validations. This means Brightflag's AI has scanned the PDF and found that information is missing, unreadable, or doesn’t match what you entered at the point of submission. This includes but may not be limited to:

  • Gross total mismatch between PDF and data entered at point of submission
  • Currency mismatch between PDF and data entered at point of submission
  • An invoice with multiple currencies (i.e. line items in EUR and cover page details in USD)
  • An hourly fee invoice uploaded as a fixed fee invoice

Your client may have more specific requirements than this and can detail their billing guidelines with you. 


Client rejections:

When your invoice has been rejected by the client, the details will be included in the Rejection Note. Further information may be found in the invoice spreadsheet [highlighted on the example screenshot below].





Some Brightflag clients may have configured auto-invoice processing for a certain subset of invoices. This means that with certain characteristics of a matter or invoice, your invoice will be either auto-approved or auto-rejected. If your invoice is auto-rejected, a rejection reason will be listed in-app and in the rejection email.

I’m still not sure how to rectify my invoice.

After you have read the rejection reason and downloaded the invoice spreadsheet, occasionally you may need more information before you can address the issue.

If you need further clarification after reading the rejection note, you can reach out to the client directly for client rejected invoices or for auto-rejected invoices, please Submit a Request to Brightflag Support. 

You may also reach out to support with questions regarding PDF scan issues.


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