LEDES Invoice Rejection Reasons (For Vendors and Law Firms)

This article is for vendors and law firms.

The invoice you submit to Brightflag may be rejected for a variety of reasons. This reason may differ between LEDES file invoices and PDF invoices. This guide covers LEDES rejection reasons. Click here to learn more about PDF file rejections.


How will I know if my invoice has been rejected?

If your LEDES file has a major formatting error, Brightlag will be unable to read it. In these cases, you may get an error notice immediately when trying to submit the invoice. The error message will appear at the top of the screen in red text. You will be blocked from fully submitting the invoice until a corrected file is uploaded. 

If you successfully submit the LEDES file but your client rejects it, a note will be added to the invoice under the heading Rejection Note. To see this Rejection Note, find your invoice in the Brightflag Law Firm Portal and you will see the reason in the grid/table on this page.


Why would my invoice be rejected?

Auto-rejections & Errors:

Your LEDES file may either display errors or be auto-rejected for the below reasons. Some of the errors can be dealt with within the Brightflag Law Firm Portal. Click here for more info.

Client rejections:

When your invoice has been rejected by the client, the details will be included in the Rejection Note. Further information may be found in the invoice spreadsheet. Click here for more info. 


I’m still not sure how to rectify my invoice.

Even after following these steps, you may still need more information to rectify this issue. If you need further clarification after reading the rejection note on client rejections, please reach out to the client contact directly. For LEDES file errors & formatting issues, check out the website https://ledes.org/ or https://utbms.com/ which has some great information and the requirements documents for LEDES format. If you are still stuck Submit a Request to Brightflag Support.

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