Commenting on an Invoice (Client Article)

Adding comments to an invoice can help clarify certain actions you took on an invoice. For example, the reason you rejected the invoice. This allows you, your colleagues, and in some cases your vendors to keep a log of comments.


To add a comment to an invoice:

    1. Find the invoice and click on the Invoice Number to access the invoice analysis page. 
    2. On this page, there are several ways in which you can add a comment:
  • Internal Comments box:
    • In the top right corner, there is a box in which you can add any information relevant to the invoice.
      • comments_1.png
      • Comments can be added at any point in time.
      • These comments will not be seen by your vendors.

You can also expand this box to see more text by dragging the bottom right of the box:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 3.39.44 PM.png

  • Line Item Adjustment Reason:
  • Approval Note box:
    • When approving an invoice, you will be presented with the box Approval note
      • comments_3.png
      • Here you can add an internal note that your vendors will not see. 
      • The note will be stored beneath your name in the invoice approval workflow on this page.
        • comments_4.png
      • These comments will also feed into the Invoices Report in the Report Builder. The field Approver Comments will log these comments.
  • Rejection Reason Note:
    • When rejecting an invoice, you will be presented with the box Rejection Reason Note.comments_7.png
    • These comments will be logged in 3 locations:
  • Rejection Firm Note:
    • When rejecting an invoice, if there is information that you want to share with your vendor but you don’t want to be logged anywhere, you can edit the email that your vendor receives directly
      • comments_5.png
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