Configuring Custom Names for Matter Categories (Client Article)

Every matter on Brightflag must have a Matter Category assigned. Brightflag’s default naming for matter categories can be changed to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of customizing my matter categories?

  • Help law firms identify the correct category when creating/requesting new matters.

  • More intuitively named categories for reporting and dashboards.

  • Match your Accounts Payable tool’s naming convention.

Add & Edit Matter Categories:

  1. You must be a Client Admin to add & edit Matter Categories. Please reach out to the dedicated Brightflag Client Admin at your company to have them add or edit Matter Categories. 

  2. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > Custom Matter Categories.


  3. Click on Add Matter Category.


  4. Enter your customized Matter Category Name.


  5. Select the Brightflag Matter Category from the dropdown that it will map to.

  6. When the change is complete, the new names will replace the old names throughout Brightflag.

  7. Check Enabled field to enable the category.
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