Adding Vendors, Vendor Offices & Vendor Users to a Matter: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Given that you can view a matter, you have the ability to add vendors, vendor offices and even individual vendor users to a matter. 

Access to matters for vendor users is controlled by 2 factors:

  • How you assign the vendor and users to the matter.
  • The access level of individual vendor users.


To view the current vendor permissions on a matter:

  1. Find the matter.

  2. Click on the matter name to access the Matter Overview Page.

  3. Navigate to the Vendors tab.

  4. There are 4 combinations of vendor access you might see:
    • (1) There are no vendors assigned.
    • (2) A vendor is assigned and the Any Vendor Office option is applied.
      • vendortab1.png 
      • This means vendor admin users from every office in that vendor can access the matter.
    • (3) A vendor is assigned and 1 or more specific offices are assigned.
      • vendortab2.docx.png
      • The vendor admins from each listed office will have access.
    • (4) A vendor is assigned, 1 or more specific offices are assigned, and 1 or more specific users are assigned.
      • vendortab3.png 
      •  The vendor admins from each listed office will have access.
      • The vendor ordinary users that are specifically assigned will also have access. 
      • Note: vendor admins have the ability to add vendor ordinary users to a matter from the law firm portal. If they have done this, you will see it here.


To assign a vendor & vendor users to a matter:

  1. From the Vendors tab, click Update Vendor on the right side of your screen.
    • Note: You can have more than one vendor on a matter (the vendors will only see their own information).

  2. Select the Vendor from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the Firm Office from the dropdown list.
    • Similarly, if a Firm Office is not on the list, the office will need to be added to your company.

  4. Select the Firm Users from the dropdown list. 
    • Screen_Shot_2021-08-25_at_4.32.25_PM.png
    • If you chose Any Firm Office in the step above, then the Only Admins option will be selected by default.
      • Note: Your vendor’s admins can assign their office’s vendor ordinary users within the Brightflag Law Firm Portal.
    • If you choose specific offices you can also select specific users. If you would like to select individual vendor users, this is only necessary if their access level is ordinary.
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